A/P Staff 

Tracy Wormsbecker (she/her)

Executive Director

Hello! My name is Tracy and you’ll often see me when you visit the A/P space.

A little bit about me: I found my way to printmaking while working as a community health researcher who was dreaming about a degree in fine art. After stumbling across a UofC Fine Art course listing that didn’t require alumni to be enrolled in a current program, I decided to test the waters and sign up for ‘Intro to Printmaking’ without any idea what this medium was, or how it would change my life. That was it – I was immediately hooked, and spent the next 3 years in the UofC print studios until I graduated with my BFA in 2012.

I’ve since spent over 10 years loving various roles in the arts sector as volunteer, print-artist, and arts administrator – including working with the amazing A/P community as Executive Director since 2018.

My joys include building a playful life with my family, working in a way that supports individuals and builds community (printmaking has an incredible capacity to do this), and thinking visually about the complexities of life through my own printmaking practice.


Jamie-Lee Girodat (she/her)

Programming and Engagement

I fell in love with printmaking during my BFA at the University of Lethbridge. When applying for grad school, I ran into my art history professor at Costco, where she proclaimed, “You know, I was thinking you should really be applying to the University of Alberta!” As much as I dreamed of moving far away at the time, she was right. Pursuing an MFA at the U of A and getting more involved in the art community in Alberta was one of the best decisions I ever made. I learned an abundance of techniques and possibilities, and my passion for art education exploded.

I’ve been involved in art committees, curation, and event programming for the last decade and have taught at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick, and the Alberta University of the Arts in Calgary. When I’m not teaching or working on my practice, I enjoy devising witty event activities and courses to offer at A/P.

In my work, I’ve been interested in mental health and ethics while drawing blobby figures in prints and animation. When I’m not doing artsy- fartsy things, I like to wander around in the prairies, do some yoga, cuddle my kitty, and spontaneously join a softball league!


Rachel MacKinnon (she/her)

Studio Operations

Nice to meet you! I am a designer, illustrator, and printmaker who graduated from the Alberta University of the Arts in 2022. I graduated from the Bachelor of Design, but most of my degree was spent in the silkscreen studio printing posters as an excuse to work with my hands and get messy with bright ink. My work is most commonly recognized as bright silkscreen prints with playful subjects, but I also have experience with relief, intaglio, a bit of letterpress, and most recently, stone lithography!

I began my journey at AP as a renter and volunteer in 2018, then as the Canada Summer Jobs intern who planned our public Print it Yourself festival in 2019. I have been in my current position at AP since Fall 2022. Around Alberta Printmakers, I work on day to day operations, covering studio improvements, chemical maintenance, and general safety. My favourite part of the job is connecting with our renters and learning about their projects and ideas. I’ve also designed some of our posters for events. Hope to see you around!

Board of directors

Amber Woodford


Amber Woodford brings 20 years of experience as a human resource professional, working in various industries covering healthcare, government, oil and gas, and construction and IT. Read more

Izabela Switalska


Izabela Switalska brings over fifteen years of experience in accounting and has worked with organizations across a broad range of industries. Her experience is invaluable in our fast-paced, Read more

Heather Leier

Vice President

Heather Leier is an Associate Professor in the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Calgary. Over the last decade her work has explored understandings of identity, trauma, and life-phases through a printmaking, Read more

Sheryl Spencer


Sheryl Spencer is a 2021 AUARTS Print media graduate and current Graduate Student at the University of Alberta. Sheryl’s artistic curiosities circulate around objects and the soul or “numen” objects have. Read more

Paul Mercer

Past President

Paul Mercer has been President of Alberta Printmakers from 2017 to 2023. He has seen great advances during his presidency, including the offering of a wider variety of workshops to the public and our members, and a wonderful series of exhibitions from artists from North America and around the world. Read more

Justine Bui

General Board Member

Justine Bui is a half-Chinese and half-Vietnamese female born in Calgary, Alberta, who focuses her art on colourism in Asian communities. Graduating recently from the BFA Honours Visual Studies program at the University of Calgary, Justine is an emerging multidisciplinary artist Read more

Taylor Carruthers

General Board Member

Taylor Carruthers (she/her) received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia Okanagan in 2019, majoring in Visual Arts. She has since additionally received a certificate of Graphic Design from the University of Calgary, and completed post-graduate studies in Curatorial Practices in Venice, Italy. Read more

Natalie Gerber

General Board Member

Natalie Gerber began her studies in 1995 at The Natal Technikon, in the Fashion Design program, Durban (South Africa). After immigrating to Canada her interests in textiles and design developed while studying at The Alberta University of the Arts, formerly known as Alberta College of Art + Design. Read more

Jill Ho-You

General Board Member

Jill Ho-You is an Associate Professor in Print Media at the Alberta University of the Arts. Her practice explores the intersection of trauma, embodied memory and the environment through a mixture of print media, bioArt, installation, and drawing. Read more

Meghan Ivany

General Board Member

Meghan Ivany is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Calgary, Canada. Her practice is concerned with the interplay between sculpture and photography as a way of interrogating our relationships with physical matter Read more