Relief printmaking techniques include an inked-up, raised surface (like a custom stamp) that often carved by hand into wood or linoleum. Read more


Silkscreen uses a barrier surface (the screen) with openings in it (the image or design) that ink is pushed through with a squeegee to create the imagery on paper or fabric. Read more


Intaglio images are scratched, cut or etched onto a surface and ink is rubbed into the depressions on the plate. Read more


Lithography is a process that uses the reaction of grease and water repelling each other on a flat printing surface. Read more


Monoprinting and Monotype include printing processes that result in a one of a kind print (or print-element) that cannot be exactly reproduced again. Read more


This is a form of relief printing that involves involves using Letterpress equipment and the placement of individual elements (such as moveable type and ornaments, woodcuts Read more


Collagraphy involves adhering and sealing materials to a rigid surface, which is then inked by relief and/or intaglio methods Read more

Studio Areas and Equipment

Front Studio 

This area features workstations specific to letterpress and intaglio, as well as a large light table that is useful for many processes.

Equipment includes a Rochat Etching Press, a Vandercook SP 15 Proof Press, and a Craftsman Superior Platen Press.

The letterpress area includes an assortment of type, leading, furniture, chases and quoins, while the intaglio area includes a hot plate for inking, photo-trays for soaking paper, and a custom-made intaglio drying to keep prints flat while they dry.

Back Studio

This area features workstations for lithography and screen printing, as well as a clean station for paper preparation and a large spring-loaded drying rack.

For studio users working in lithography, equipment includes a Griffin Series 2 Lithography Press with Etching Conversion and a graining station equipped with a levigator and all required carborundum grits.

For those screen printers, the studio is is equipped with 3 light-proof cabinets and 4 portable silkscreen tables.  

A custom-built exposure unit is available for folks working in either silkscreen or photolithography. Also located in the back studio is a large cast iron plate cutter for folks who need to trim down their copper etching plates.

Portable Printing Equipment

The A/P Studio is also equipped with printing presses that can be used in either the front or back studio depending on workspace needs.

We have an Ettan press which is the preferred press for relief printing, but also works well for intaglio, and a portable Holbein printing press for smaller intaglio and relief projects

Chemical and Washout Area

Our multi-use washout area in the front accommodates the chemical processes required for all print techniques in the facility.

It contains our large washout sink, a pressure washer for cleaning screens, and a vertical etching tank with Ferric Chloride to etch copper plates. This is also where photo emulsion is applied to screens.

Just outside of the washout area is our aquatint booth for use with less a special solution of non-traditional aquatint ground that doesn’t produce harmful VOC’s.

Studio-Use and Material Safety

Your safety and the safe use of equipment and materials, including printmaking chemistry, is a priority at A/P.

All workshop participants and studio renters are required to be A/P members who have: read and completed studio-use waivers informing them of hazards present in the A/P Studio; completed the A/P Safety Walkthrough, which includes open access to Safety Data Sheets for materials present in the space, emergency procedures, and managing spills, etc.; and comply with required safety measures and shared studio procedures.

All public programming is overseen by A/P staff and volunteers, and participants are informed of safety considerations that are relevent to their participation.

A/P also supports the larger shift toward less toxic and more sustainable materials, chemicals, and practices in printmaking.  For example:

  • A/P Studio supplies both traditional and non-traditional etching grounds (i.e., Baldwin Intaglio Ground)
  • We currently use alternative low VOC solvents like Estisol, and do not use traditional solvents like varsol for studio use
  • All etching is done with copper plates using Ferric Chloride
  • Both traditional and water-miscible inks are used for etching and relief printing

Interested in printing in the studio?

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