Guidelines and Submission Instructions

Please read the following carefully. 

All guidelines and submission instructions must be followed in full to ensure your participation.

Artwork Guidelines

Number of works:

  • Members can submit no more than one completed artwork that incorporates print-based media.


  • All forms of print-media are welcome including but not limited to: lithography, intaglio, relief, screenprint, monotype, cyanotype, collagraph, and other expanded and mixed media practices in printmaking.

Size of the work:

    • For 2D works, the total size of the printed substrate (i.e., paper or other surface such as fabric) may be up to but not exceed 15″ on its longest side.
    • 3D works may be considered on an individual basis, and may be up to but not exceed 15″ on its longest dimension. Please contact A/P in advance if you have a 3D piece you would like to submit.

Theme/Subject Matter:

    • There is no theme for this exhibition and members are welcome to submit current or past work of any theme or subject matter.*
    • * However, A/P reserves the right to exclude any work that promotes violence, hatred, or intolerance.


    • Your work must be submitted unframed and unmatted.
    • During the exhibition, all 2D works that are on paper or fabric will be installed with magnets.
    • If your work requires other installation methods, you will need to contact A/P in advance; A/P will do our best within our capacity to accommodate alternative installation requirements.
    • When submitting your artwork to A/P, it must be fully dry and placed within a rigid card or backing, and clearly labeled with your name.

A/P is not responsible for damage to artworks that are not submitted with a rigid card or backing.

Submission Instructions

Step 1: Ensure Your Membership is up to Date

  • If you are facing financial barriers to becoming an A/P member, please reach out to us.

Step 2: Complete the registration form (link below)

  • You must submit this form to confirm your involvement no later than July 30, 2024.

Step 3: Complete the Artwork Information form, which we will email to you after you register

  • This form will require you to provide your artwork information including: 
    • Title, medium, and substrate
    • Total artwork dimensions (full artwork size, not image size)
    • An image of your work in .jpg format that is 72 dpi, and no no larger than 1024 pixels on its longest side.
  • You must submit the artwork Information form no later than August 14, 2024.

Step 4: Submit your physical artwork to A/P

  • Your artwork must be received by A/P no later than August 17, 2024.

Hand-delivered artwork must:

    • Be brought directly to the A/P facility at:

4025 4th Street SE, Calgary, AB T2G 2W4

All hand-delivered artwork that were not sold during the exhibition must be picked up from A/P during open hours starting on September 28, 2024 and no later than October 31, 2024. 

If no other arrangements are made with A/P staff, artworks that are not picked up on or before October 31, 2024 will be considred abandoned and will no longer be retained. 

Mailed artworks must:

    • Be post-marked no later than August 3, 2024.
    • Include return postage.
    • Be addressed to:

PO Box, Station D, Calgary, AB T2P 2E7

Mailed submissions that are not sold during the exhibition will be returned in October, 2024. 

Mailed artwork that does not include return postage will not be returned and will be considered abandoned and will no longer be retained after October 31, 2024. 

A/P is not responsible for prints that are damaged or lost in transport.