New Dialect’ by Kelsey Bullock


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Title: New Dialect

Artist: Kelsey Bullock

Medium: Silk screen, acrylic on Arches

Size: 8"x10"


Kelsey Bullock is a multidisciplinary artist based in Calgary, AB. She is exploring contemporary symbolism in the forms of ceramics, silkscreen and painting techniques. By combining historic forms of language with the ASAP culture of emojis and fast-paced, interconnected communication. Her work acts as a bridge from how connection has evolved into a disconnection through these form of language. Each element contributes to a dialogue on the intersection of urgency and tradition, encapsulating the essence of our fast-paced, interconnected world. Kelseys work serves as a vibrant canvas, blending the immediacy of ASAP culture with timeless craftsmanship. Through the amalgamation of playful, bright and colorful forms a new innovation of dialect is formed.


This is a print that was donated to A/P as part of our annual "Not So Mini" international print exchange and fundraiser.

The estimated market value of each individual Not So Mini print ranges from $30 to $350, depending on the artist and the print, and are all made available for fundraising purposes at the starting bid of $30.

Please note, colours may vary slightly due to screen configurations.


The image listed, and the original artwork that it depicts was designed and hand-printed by the artist indicated. All images are the copyright of the artist. All rights reserved. Purchasing of prints does not transfer any rights.


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