tzompacalaveras’ by Robert Sven Jechlitschka


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Title: tzompacalaveras

Artist: Robert Sven Jechlitschka

Medium: linocut

Size: 8"x10"


Versatile Berlin-born artist living and working since 20 years in Mexico with different media techniques and topics. Member and co-founder of the artist community grupo777 and printing studio estudio7.


This is a print that was donated to A/P as part of our annual "Not So Mini" international print exchange and fundraiser.

The estimated market value of each individual Not So Mini print ranges from $30 to $350, depending on the artist and the print, and are all made available for fundraising purposes at the starting bid of $30.

Please note, colours may vary slightly due to screen configurations.


The image listed, and the original artwork that it depicts was designed and hand-printed by the artist indicated. All images are the copyright of the artist. All rights reserved. Purchasing of prints does not transfer any rights.


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