Chipboard Postcard: Heather Huston


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4"x6" photopolymer print postcard on chipboard.

This postcard was created as part of a 2020 project that features AUArts student work alongside the work of faculty and staff in a set of letterpress printed postcards under the theme of "connection and communication" with the intention of building community during the pandemic.

4 student designs and 4 faculty/staff designs were selected to produce a total of 1000 letterpress printed postcards (125 of each design) using A/P's Vandercook SP15 Proofing Press.

​This inaugural Student-Led Initiative was developed and coordinated by Sam Rollo and James Boychuk-Hunter in association with Galerie Gaulin. Grant funding to support artist fees and materials was generously provided by the Student's Association (AUART-SA).

100% of proceeds from postcard purchases will fund future Student-Led Initiatives coordinated by A/P.

A/P's Student-Led Initiatives are designed to support and celebrate students while fostering their connections with A/P as a community resource to further their printmaking practice during and beyond their degree program.


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